Install Guides

This is an install guide for Arma3

Please follow these instructions:

  1. Extract/Install game files to preferred directory.
  2. Extract the Multiplayer crack to the game folder and overwrite files.
  3. Extract required mods to game directory. (for example @Exile and @Zombies & Demons)
  4. Start the game and make sure the mods are loaded.
  5. Play the Game – be safe – Don’t cheat – Stick to the rules – Don’t be a dick!

Troubleshooting & Other Guides:

Problem: Steam authentication failed / Stuck on connecting
Try this:

Go to your main game folder, Battleye folder

and run these 2 setup

Adding Mods in the Launcher:

on your main folder Run arma3launcher.exe
once opened, select “Mods”
select “more” and “add watched folder”

click “add “Arma 3″ Folder”

this “orange path” will show up and then press on the “Remove folder from the list”

(remove because it’s buggy and wont add anything)

then after removed close the launcher and re-run again and do all the process again

a “green bar” will show up asking if you want to load the mods 1 by 1

just click “Load mod” for every mod

then just click “Play” and enjoy!


If you have any problems, please fill in the Contact Us form.